Underbelly II

The most recent and much larger extension of the Underbelly brand, UnderBelly II’s custom plywood panel & LED light installation seamlessly blends into the minimalist aesthetic of its home at the North Parker, a newly built, mixed-use development in San Diego, CA. Plywood panels inspired by the gills of a fish are designed with an intricate overlapping grid system, each piece unique. Built to accommodate the oversized windows, the ceiling panels resemble the ribs. The ramen restaurant’s entry/order counter is made of tiered, live-edge Blue Pine and meets the yakitori bar top, creating a 20-foot live-edge grill counter top with a blue stone bar face. A custom cross installation on restroom walls and ceilings was cut from sheets of

wood overlapped for texture and backed with mirrors and brass. A custom 5-foot vertical tap system rises out of the floor and features copper and stainless steel floating drip pans.

The Details

Year:  2014
Location: San Diego, CA
Square Footage: 2,800
Type: Restaurant
Client: Consortium Holdings, LLC
Awards: 2015 SDAF Orchid for Interior Design
Photographer: ZackBenson.com