Tajima North Park

About This Project

By fusing traditional Japanese elements with our client’s 1934 designated historic building, we were able to reinterpret East-Meets-West through the lens of Japanese Art Deco for our Tajima North Park ramen bar project.

Phenolic plywood panels routered with Japanese Deco-inspired graphic lines separate the entry from the first dining area, where panels etched with interlocking triangles elongate the space while custom stainless steel LED light fixtures offer additional lighting. At the parallel wall, we defined the second dining area by exposing the building’s beautiful original plaster lathe. And, in our nod to the Deco fountain, an abstracted ramen bowl overflowing with noodles meets Tajima’s “T” and the Japanese cloud motif to produce a frieze that wraps the server station. Japanese red and chrome details punctuate the space.

Through their shared histories, existing structural elements coincide with their historical design counterparts, and the incongruous becomes cohesive in a way that honors and reflects our client’s culinary approach: Japanese tradition and authenticity in a modern context.

The Details

Year Completed: 2016
Location: North Park
Square Footage: 1100
Type: Restaurant
Client: Tajima
Photographer: Auda & Coudayre