Tajima East Village

About This Project

Our design for Tajima East Village is our visual interpretation of Tajima’s values: tradition and authenticity in a modern context.

We achieved this by fusing traditional Japanese elements with modern overtures. The wallpaper’s modern black background heightens the overlaid Japanese motif, while the bar and communal dining tables feature Carrara marble and blackened cedar interlocking in a repeating pattern inspired by classic Japanese woodworking techniques.

The backlit soffit panel, reminiscent of a ticker panel, features a Japanese saying (“When food is good, it’s good, and it proves you are alive“), a humorous Japanese aphorism (“Drinking too much alcohol today only borrows happiness from tomorrow“), and abstractions of the hand gestures we all use on our smart phones.

The Details

Year Completed: 2016
Location: East Village, San Diego
Square Footage: 1400
Type: Restaurant
Client: Tajima
Photographer: Auda & Coudayre