Quartyard began as an inspired senior design thesis by then New School architecture students, now known collectively as RAD Lab. Utilizing repurposed shipping containers, they reenvisioned undeveloped and often unattractive spaces as temporary but still substantial urban parks.

RAD Lab turned to BASILE Studio to help transform the school project into reality and acted as manufacturer and builder of the pre-fab containers. In a record three months, BASILE converted 14 shipping containers into fully functional and fully portable modules to be used as a coffee shop, an outdoor beer garden, and catering station.

We were especially excited that the first stop for this new urban plan was a 23,000 square foot unused lot in San Diego’s up-and-coming East Village – BASILE Studio’s home for nearly two decades.

The Details

Year Completed: 2014
Location: East Village, San Diego, CA
Square Footage: 23,000 (lot)
Type: Pre-Fab
Client: RAD Lab