Puesto Los Olivos

About This Project

Puesto’s desire to bring the traditional street taco into a more sophisticated and comfortable dining experience energized our design for the Puesto Los Olivos location. With this in mind, we turned to the Modernist urban landscape of Mexico City and its monumental and monolithic forms, colors, and patterns to inform our choices throughout.

Overhead, the large-scale planter anchors the main dining area while the oversized metallicized plasterwork skylight reflects more of the incoming daylight. We also explored natural patterns by utilizing abstractions of the agave plant. The tequila plant’s angularity can be seen in the custom concrete tiles repeated in the floor planters, in the bar façade and overhead “agave screen,” as well as in the edge detail of the quartzite countertops and the angled steel of the reception desk.

A Scanimation screen separating the main dining area from the private dining section recreates the sense of street activity.

As a whole, the environment connects to the cuisine’s authenticity and history and shifts the street taco, and the streets of Mexico City, into a new and vibrant culinary arena.

The Details

Year Completed: 2017
Location: Irvine, CA
Square Footage: 4700
Type: Restaurant
Client: Puesto