Paul Basile

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Paul Basile

Paul Basile is one of the most prolific names in Southern California design. Frequently referred to as the “brick and mortar guru” of San Diego, his commercial, hospitality and retail projects have earned wide-ranging critical acclaim and multiple awards for Interior Design, Tranformative Design, Adaptive Reuse, Sustainability and Divine Details from organizations including the American Institute of Architects and San Diego Architectural Foundation. Born in Detroit, Michigan, his fascination with design was sparked at the age of 10 through the influence of a forward-thinking neighbor; an architect who was experimenting with modern design and solar panels. A 4th generation builder and 1st generation designer, developer, sculptor and entrepreneur, Paul launched his career with a line of hand-crafted furniture in the early 90’s, and opened his first venture shortly thereafter, a design collective for he and other artisans to showcase and sell their work. As increasing requests for one-off projects poured in, each larger in scale than the last, his attention and expertise grew to encompass the design and fabrication of custom architectural details and building renovations as a licensed general contractor. The doors to BASILE Studio opened in 1994, evolving into a full-service design/build and fabrication studio in 2008. Paul’s diverse background, intrinsic sense of structures, space and style, exhaustive attention to detailed craftsmanship and perpetual drive to mix traditional design methods with cutting-edge technology are at the core of BASILE Studio’s high-end, pioneering spaces.

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