“Noooo, vato, noooo!” – Julio Cobarrubias

Julio Cobarrubias

Since joining BASILE in 2007, Julio has come to master many of the tools in the fabrication studio, including the band saw, the cold saw, the shear, even a little bit of welding, but the belt saw was — and remains — his first love. He knows his baby inside and out.

Before that, Julio was a chef. Despite leaving that profession to perfect his tool craft his love of food has never wavered, and he makes a point to dine out weekly with his wife Lluvia and their daughter Arjelia to sample the many cuisines and restaurants San Diego has to offer.

He still makes a mean filet mignon.

Best part of being at BASILE:
It’s a privilege to work with such a great team that inspires me to learn from the group and from everyone’s individual trades.

Golf . . . on as many Sundays as I can.


Favorite Food:

My 13-year-old daughter Arjelia

First Job:
Selling gum

Favorite Band:
Led Zeppelin