“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” – Jim Rohn

Devin Way

Devin is a Jack of all Trades, though in his own words, “master of none.” Not yet, at least… Starting as fabricator and carpenter in the shop, he quickly became an operator of the CNC plasma cutter, and eventually a part of our design team. His responsibilities include project design, project management, 3D modeling, CAD drafting and creating shop drawings. First inspired by Legos as a pup, and then woodshop through high school, he went on to earn his Bachelor of Architecture at the NewSchool of Architecture + Design in San Diego, CA, while also supervising the Materials Lab. A native San Diegan, he enjoys doing anything outdoors, especially motorcycle rides, hikes, bowling, trampoline dodge ball and disc golf. You can also find him exploring undiscovered craft beers and niche food spots – just don’t call him a “foodie.”

Best part of being at BASILE
The dynamic atmosphere and comprehensive process. It offers a unique blend of a design studio, a fabrication shop and a construction company that allows all aspects of the field to be explored. It makes what I do so much more tangible and rewarding.

Favorite architecture / interior / design anywhere:
Anything in which sustainability is successful, but not the core of the project; where vegetation is blended into design to create a beautiful, healthy and inspirational work.

Aside from the typical guy flicks, The Sandlot is a great classic that brings back even greater memories.

My thesis – I learned more and worked harder than anything else I’ve ever worked on to create it… now it also keeps my coffee table level.

The one that never ends! Really though, the best ones are versatile and allow me to explore inspiring architecture and design, envelope myself in nature and escape from the world, experience unique cultures, traditions, cuisine, beers and hopefully some risky and memorable adventures.

I like diversity, but Mexican and Italian hit my plate more than most. Oddly enough, I can’t stand onions and tomatoes… which can make things very challenging.