What We Do

BASILE Studio offers a versatile, extensive and expert range of services. Our full structure, space and component strategies include specific and harmonizing architectural details incorporating signage, railing systems, doors, staircases, wall paneling, furniture, fixtures, sculpture, overhead structures and any other features that may be envisioned in order to realize the full potential of a space.

All projects designed by BASILE Studio are fabricated, detailed, finished and installed by BASILE Studio, and our all-inclusive, on-site operation enables meticulous attention to the entire process. We challenge ourselves with consistent and diligent considerations of any adjustments that may enhance the outcome, and in our ability to make those adjustments quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.


Schematic Design
Conceptual Design
Design Development
Construction Documentation
Construction Administration
Kitchen Equipment / Food & Beverage Coordination
Specification and Procurement


General Construction
Feasibility Studies
Property Development


2D and 3D modeling
CNC (Computer Numerical Control)
Precision computer-aided machinery including Plasma, Water Jet, Router and Laser

Hand Carpentry
Hand Metal Fabrication
Leatherwork and Embossing
Carpet Pattern Development
Plaster Work
Sheet Metal Processing & Forming
Custom Finishes for Staining
Color Manipulation of Wood and Metal
(including Epoxy, Resin, Patina, and High Gloss Automotive paint)
Wax and Clear Coat Protection


Class B General Contractor
C-23 Ornamental Contractor
Occupational License: Manufacturer of PreFAB Buildings (commercial & residential)
UL License: Incandescent


Full Scope Design
Commercial and Residential
Up to 4 Stories
New Build and Additions
Container Conversions