“Fair winds and following seas.” Unknown

Bryan Nelson

Bryan is BASILE Studio’s in-house sailor. As the owner of the sailboat Independence, he has sailed various oceans from the Pacific to Aegean Sea. You might also catch him on one of his spring and summer excursions to Catalina Island.

Along with his worldly experiences, Bryan brings to BASILE equally impressive design, 2D, and 3D modeling skills. He first began honing while an intern at JMA where he was introduced to the many facets that encompass architecture. From there, he further dedicated himself to the profession, and in 2014 he graduated from the NewSchool of Architecture + Design with a Bachelor of Architecture.

Best part of being at BASILE:
The fast-paced, creative environment, and tight-knit group creates a dynamic forum for design. The design/build philosophy at BASILE creates a workspace that offers full involvement from sketch to installation. This process gives more sense of ownership in the final product.

Food, Travel and Adventure. Anything to do with the ocean. Nothing makes me happier than when I’m outfitting my sailboat, except maybe while barbecuing at anchor.

First Job:
In’N’Out Burger in Carlsbad, CA


Anthony Bourdain

Favorite Book:
A Light In The Attic

Claim to fame:
My grandmother, Ann Nelson, was an actress who portrayed Mrs. Berg on the television show Fame. She was also in the movie Airplane! She was the one who sat next to Robert Hayes and listened to his break-up stories until she couldn’t take any more . . . .

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