“If you think you can’t make the world a better place with your work, at least make sure you don’t make it worse.” – H. Herztberger

Ashley Evans

Ashley’s favorite childhood hobby, drafting floor plans of neighbors’ houses, quickly and naturally evolved into a love of architecture. The questions of how space is created and utilized continue to be a driving force behind her career in design.

She moved from LA to San Diego to study at the NewSchool of Architecture + Design. In 2014, she received her Bachelor of Architecture degree. She brings to BASILE Studio tremendous 2D drawing and 3D modeling skills and also an inherent understanding that each design project presents its own specific challenges. The answer can be complex, but simple at the same time, and it should be as unique as the project itself. Constraints and parameters are not the problem – they are the way to the solution.

Best part of being at BASILE:
The attention to detail at BASILE Studio demands appreciation. You are always encouraged to learn and do more, and you know that you can look to your coworkers for help and advice. There is just a positive energy around all of our efforts to create and build great design.

Taking my dogs, Wesley and Emma, to Balboa Park. Taking any opportunity to travel. Machu Picchu, Thailand, you name it. Also, movie nights. And does Pinterest count?

First Job:
Baskin Robbins . . . I used to have a really buff right forearm!

Favorite Sports Team:

Constantly having to organize my work space. I’m not a neat freak or anything (really!), but everything has its place.