“Art requires a delicate adjustment of the outer and inner worlds in such a way that, without changing their nature, they can be seen through each other, to know one’s self is to know one’s region. It is also to know the world, and it is also, paradoxically, a form of exile from the world.” – Flannery O’Connor

Adam Martin

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch), University of Texas 2009
Master of Science in Real Estate Development for Architects (MRED), Woodbury University 2015

First job:
I started drafting and working for architects while in high school.

I’m a big reader. I lean towards non-fiction, especially books that deal with the intersection of business, design, building, and culture.

I can juggle.

Favorite film:
Pretty much anything by Wes Anderson.

What do you in your spare time?
I love to ski despite growing up in South Louisiana.

Best part of being at BASILE:
We approach buildings with the notion of Gesamtkunstwerk; our designs are meant to be experienced as a controlled comprehensive whole.